Prepaid Parking System™ How it Works

Prepaid Parking System™ is the revolutionary new way of parking introduced by InfinitiSys to ease the problem of parking management using the same process as a prepaid phone. This model generates employment while eliminating any revenue leakages, as well as giving motorist the peace of mind that their vehicles are parked in approved secured locations. Apart from the low cost camera that enables the mobile phone to be used by the parking attendant, there is no other fixed cost investment involved.
  • A reseller buys parking stickers at a discounted value, eg NGN2,000 or GHC 40
  • Reseller sells parking sticker to motorist at face value eg NGN2,500 or GHC50. The motorist is credited with the face value
  • Motorist will paste parking sticker to his car windscreen
  • On entering/exit of a designated parking lot, the parking attendant will scan the qr code on the sticker
  • The parking charge is automatically deducted from the credit available on the sticker
  • When the credit is exhausted, a motorist can recharge from a reseller or online
  • Motorists will receive SMS and email alerts every time the sticker is scanned

Welcome to Prepaid Parking System™

For Apartments, Home Owners Associations, Condominiums, Townhouses Co-ops, and other parking areas. Prepaid Parking System™ has reinvented how parking management should be done, with numerous benefits for all concerned.

Car park owner:

  • Do you worry about how your car park is managed, how to reward your loyal customers, avoid the collection of cash, etc? This is how Prepaid Parking System™ solves your problems:
  • Register and Login to add your parking location
  • Set your parking fees. Your parking fee can be as granular/detailed as you want, eg you can set different rates for weekends, peak periods, loyal customers, etc
  • Link your bank account, and watch your bank balance swell.
  • Check the status of all your parking locations from your mobile phone
  • No need for unnecessary investments such as entry/exit barriers, the printing of parking tickets, having dedicated cashiers, etc

Prepaid Sticker Reseller

  • In these challenging economic times, how would you like to make some extra income without disrupting your main business, whether you are running a corner shop, a supermarket, etc.
  • Register on this site, and login
  • Purchase the number of prepaid stickers that you want from as little as 10 stickers and above using the convenient online purchase option. You can also pay cash at a bank branch
  • Earn 25% on each sticker you sell
  • Repeat as many times as you want

Car park attendant

  • You spend all days helping motorists to park their vehicles, at the end of which you are treated with suspicion or even called a "tout". Prepaid Parking for the rescue
  • Register on the site as a Parking Attendant
  • After passing a background check, you will receive the necessary training, a branded traffic vest, and a smartphone pre-loaded with the Prepaid Parking app. Then you will be assigned to a suitable parking location
  • For all vehicles entering the parking location scan the QR code on the sticker pasted to their windscreen, using the app on your smartphone. When the vehicles are leaving, scan their QR codes again
  • And that's it! You will earn a commission of up to 10% of the parking charge paid by each vehicle
  • You can even combine the role of a Parking Attendant with that of Prepaid Sticker Reseller, and make even more money.

Motorist / Car Owner

  • Welcome to the ultimate car-parking peace of mind
  • No need to worry anymore about available parking locations, parking costs, your vehicle being towed away for illegal parking, or even your vehicle being robbed before your return.
  • Just buy and paste a Prepaid Parking System™ sticker to your vehicle windscreen. And that is it!
  • You will receive an SMS alert any time you are entering/leaving a designated parking location. You will know how much you will be charged and have been charged
  • See an online history of all the places your vehicle has been parked on google map
  • The same parking sticker is valid in all parking locations nationwide managed by the Prepaid Parking System™
  • Convenient recharge options when the credit on your Prepaid Sticker is exhausted

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This app is intended for Parking Attendants